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Joy Botanical Mist

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This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Joy Mist is here to bring a wave of happiness into your world, with a synergised blend that uplifts your mood with every spritz. Revitalise and invigorate your surrounding energy, leaving you in a state of complete happiness at all times.

Opening with a surge of minty Spearmint, combined with a touch of sweet Jasmin and fresh Geranium, this powerful blend is known to uplift and relieve tensions while simultaneously balancing mood and lift emotions to new highs.

Aroma: Cool mints with floral undertones
Key ingredients: Spearmint, Jasmin & Geranium
Reminiscent of summer days by the water

A perfect natural substitute to any synthetic/artificial room spray or air freshener in your space.

100ml / 1200 spritzes approximately / all-natural fragrances.


Our Botanical Joy Mist has been formulated to work in any way you want it too. Here are some ways that Team Zuii uses the Joy Mist:

  • As a room spray – spritz throughout your home for a long-lasting aroma, including fabrics like curtains, cushions, throws, blankets etc
  • As a pillow spray – spray the mist directly onto bed linen or above your head
  • As a face mist – spritz directly onto the face to enjoy a burst of hydration / enhance your immediate mood
  • As a laundry spray – spray into your washing machine with dirty clothes to leave a refreshing scent on your clean clothes
  • As a natural deodoriser / body spray – spritz directly onto clean, dry armpits or onto both wrists lightly and let the spray sink in.
  • To cover unwanted odours – spray onto smelly feet, stinky shoes, nasty bins or whatever else appears that needs covering.
  • As a pet perfume – spritz a small amount onto your freshly washed furry friend, and leave them wafting your favourite natural aroma



The Zuii Organic Botanical Joy Mist is alcohol + chemical free and scented with only the finest essential oils.

No synthetic fragrances, no synthetic colourants and no nasty ingredients.