Zuii Organic Worldwide Certifications

Zuii Organic is so proud to carry a range of the highest global organic certifications on offer, to businesses both in the beauty world and otherwise.
Here at Zuii Organic HQ, we are devoted to protecting our world, our animals and the health of every person around us - that is why we have devoted our entire range to being the highest possible type of organic. We utilise only the highest quality organic ingredients, state of the art facilities and a team of genius formulators to ensure we are meeting the highest standards possible. Because of this, we are proud to hold accreditation and organic certifications with some of the worlds biggest and best organics. 
Please see below a break down of the current governing bodies that our Zuii Organic range is certified through:


Cosmos Organic Certification

The BDIH & COSMOS Organic Certification is one that the Zuii Organic range carries proudly. The COSMOS standard sets out innovative, challenging and progressive criteria for organic and natural cosmetic range. This is put in place to ensure that each individual formula is as safe, effective and beneficial for the environment as possible.

The BDIH is more commonly regarded to as the Association of Industrial Companies and Trading Firms for pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, food supplements and personal hygiene products.

To find out more out COSMOS & BDIH Certifications, click here.

Zuii Organic Vegan Production Certification

The Vegan Society certification is regarded as the worldwide standard for vegan products and/or formulas. Every product that holds The Vegan Society certification has been carefully formulated without the inclusion of any animal or animal-by products, allowing for a truly vegan formula.

For more information on The Vegan Society and their standards, click here.

Choose Cruelty Free Certification

Choose Cruelty Free are passionate about saving animals from the horrors of animal testing. Choose Cruelty Free require businesses to meet extremely strict criteria to carry their badge, with extensive proof to reflect a 100% cruelty free range.

Find out more about Choose Cruelty Free and find Zuii Organic listed on their website here.

PETA Cruelty Free Certified

PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies verifies that a product or product range does not conduct or commission any animal tests on ingredients, formulations or finished products, further pledging to not do so in the future.

To research and familiarise yourself with the workings of Beauty Without Bunnies (or even make a donation), please click here.

Zuii Organic Australian Made Certification


Zuii Organic is a proudly owned and manufactured Australian company, with our global head office being located within the Gold Coast, Australia.

From product formulation, through to packing and dispatching orders - our entire operation occurs right here in Australia


Zuii Organic is proud to hold an extensive range of award-winning products, both nationally and internationally recognised titles. For each product page with this logo attached, or an additional (more specific) award badge on an image, it reflects a product that has been crowned some sort of winner for its one-of-a-kin formula.

You can also check out the awards page here.