The Story So Far


Our mission is simple: creating a much greener and much cleaner future – that’s what we’re all about. The way that we function has helped us grow from very small and humble beginnings, into an internationally recognised green and clean beauty brand. No matter where you are in the world, we can assure you that you’ll come into contact with us. But our mission isn’t about us, it’s about YOU and helping make YOUR world a better place. Each day, we formulate the most amazing organic products in our Australian manufacturing facility. Products that are pure, clean, green, all organic and so many vegan as well! Something super important to note as well: our product formulas don’t just feel wonderful… they smell incredible and are even better for your skin as well. You can thank our floral infusions and organic super-ingredients for this!

What separates us from the rest? We have our OWN manufacturing facility. We are so lucky to have the rare advantage of physically making each and every one of our products that we put out into the world. We control EXACTLY what goes into our products, and everything that doesn’t - we know exactly what is in our formulas, right down to the finest drop of oil. By working in this very rare way, we are able to provide 100% transparency at all times.

Transparency is something dear to us, and something that inspires us to move forward. It is a key foundation of who Zuii Organic is, and as a company, we are firm believers of transparency in more than one way. Transparency of ingredients, allowing you to see exactly what is inside every single one of our products. Transparency into our manufacturing processes, allowing you to see each and every product being hand-made with absolute love and attention. This is why we love to show you our processes and talk about how we go about making our incredible ranges – because this is what makes us so special.

The way that our products are developed, formulated and packaged is also inspired by our love for nature. Whether it be the colour of the sky, the scent of freshly blooming flowers, the feel of the sand on our toes – we take so much inspiration from the surrounding of our environment and put it right into our creation process. So much so, that the products your using are complete with infusions of Roses, Sunflowers, Jasmine Flowers, Bamboo and more! Inspired by nature – created by us.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and being a part of the new generation of organic transparency. We're so happy to have you here.