ZUII MAN: It's not just for women anymore!

For too many years, it is been acceptable to believe that cosmetics brands are solely in place to help out the women – but not the men. They are working tireless to provide countless shades of foundation, an endless supply of lipstick colours, but have nothing on rotation for the guys. So today, hear me loud and clear, that is FALSE.

We here at Zuii Organic have been working non-stop to formulate a line of products that are perfect for all the men in your life – ranging from body washes and scrubs, all the way through to gradual tanning lotions (I know that may sound like a stretch for some of you, but hear me out). Today, I am here to run through the three of the incredible products we have on offer in our dedicated men’s range - so buckle up, and listen up.

  1. Organic Flora Moisturising Body Wash
    Very quickly after its introduction, our Flora Body Wash became one of our best-selling products of the year. The body wash is unlike anything you have ever used before, and is a product that we guarantee will change the way you take care of your skin. Unlike the majority of market body washes that strip your skin of moisture and hydration, this soap-free formulated body wash is made specifically to re-hydrate the skin with its infusion of natural essential oils. Not to mention, not only does this product have your body feel incredible, but it is also a three-in-one. A 3-in-1 product, existing to cleanse your body, face and hair all in one! That’s right fellas, get rid of all those other products you are currently using – because this one product can do it all for you. And not to worry, you aren’t going to be left smelling like Roses, we took that into account while we formulated this one. We made sure that after use you would be walking around smelling only subtly of Citrus and Vanilla! So not only will you feel incredible, you will smell incredible to

  2. Organic Flora Hydrating Body Polish
    Much like our Body Wash, this product is certain to have you feeling silky smooth all over – after just one use! Our Hydrating Body Polish is at your disposal to have your skin feeling completely invigorated. Utilising a unique blend of all organic ingredients to have you feeling incredible, this product is a must-have for all. Using Himalayan Salts and Bamboo Stems to exfoliate the skin, while incorporating Bamboo Extract to provide a nutrient rich replenishment to the skin, you cannot go wrong with this one. And to sweeten the deal, this product only needs to be used one-to-two times a week for the best results to be seen! Gentle, refreshing and hydrating – you can thank us later.

  3. Gradual Body Tan Lotion
    Now I am sure this is the one you aren’t overly sure on at first glance- but don’t you worry, I’m here to assure you that this product is worth it. In a nutshell, the use of this product will allow you to have a completely customisable tan in no time, with the added bonus of completely glowing and hydrated skin. Essentially, this lotion is acting as a natural moisturiser for the body while adding an incredible summer tan! So again, it’s a two birds-one stone situation. With a formula filled of ingredients that will benefit the overall health of your skin, like Organic Bamboo Juice, Raw Cacao, Shae Butter and Sunflower Oils – this lotion will leave your skin looking naturally tanned and feelings incredibly soft and hydrated. And let’s not forget, this product does not leave you with any scent of synthetic tanning lotions! Being all organic, you will be left with a slight scent of fresh Citrus, Vanilla and Bergamot! 

These products, I can guarantee, will benefit your skin immensely. Your skin will feel amazing, you will smell incredible and you will actually be improving the entire overall health of your skin. What more could you ask for in a product?

So, to all our Zuii Men (or to all the women who are reading this and know they have a Zuii man in their life), we are here to help. These three products are just the beginning, because we have so many other perfect products for your use! Gradual Face Tan Waters, Tanning Lotions, Body Packs – and the list goes on. We have always prided ourselves on having the perfect product to suit everybody, and we want you to know that we do as well. Zuii is for everyone!

Enjoy the range! We look forward to hearing back from you on how much you love it!

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