With every holiday, comes the struggle of choosing which products from your skincare/makeup routine to bring along with you. What is quintessential? What is a simple need? And, what is it that you genuinely don’t need to bring with you? Well, stress no more – because today, we’re narrowing down the essential Zuii Organic products that you NEED to take with you on your next holiday.

    Every single one of our Zuii Organic Primers (Foundation or Colour Corrective) is not only going to work in keeping your beautiful makeup intact, but will also double as your moisturiser while away. Blended with goodies like Orange Peel Oil, Rose Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Chamomile and more – these vegan formulas are going to add an intense hydration to your face with every application. Not to mention, these wonderful Primers will work to calm inflammation, control shine and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These babies = must-haves.
  1. LUX LIPSTICK (Colour of Your Choice)
    When on holiday, you’re going to be dressing up at some point for a beautiful night out – and our Lux Lipsticks are what you NEED for this occasion. There’s a colour to suit every skin type, every occasion, every personal choice – and the finish is divine! Long-lasting, high shine that will have everyone complimenting you. BUT, that isn’t why it’s essential. The Lux Lipstick is a must-have throughout your travels due to the one-of-a-kind benefitting properties they hold. They’re going to protect your lips from any harsh environmental factors you come into contact with, and we all know when travelling you will come into contact with a few of these! But, they’re going to add so much hydration as well, thanks to the blended infusion of Bulbine Fructose Leaf Juice – essentially working simultaneously to provide the same (if not, better) benefits than a lip balm! OH, and the lid is magnetic, so you are never going to worry about spilling throughout your luggage! Incredible colour? Yes! Incredible benefits with each wear? Yes yes! Stress-free to travel with? Yes again! It’s simple, it’s a must-have!
    You’re going to come into contact with many different hotel rooms on your travels, which means many different shampoos and body washes and conditioners – products you aren’t aware of in any regard. So, the solution? The Zuii Moisturising Body Wash! With a lockable dispenser, there is no worrying when bringing this product with you around the globe! The unique formula, unlike a lot of ones you would come across in hotel bathrooms, is actually going to add an abundance of moisturise and hydration into your skin every time you use it. It’s a body wash, it’s a facial cleanser, it’s a shampoo & a conditioner and it’s a shaving gel – it’s the only product you need for travelling, because it genuinely has all bases covered. The best part though, a little goes a VERY long way. Once you lather it onto your skin, you will see just how far a tiny pump can go – meaning that it will be perfect for your entire trip. Why haven’t you gotten your hands on it yet?
    We can’t label just one of our award-winning Lux Foundations to take with you on your trip, because it totally depends on your preferred coverage. If you want a fuller coverage, go with the Flawless! But, if you prefer something more minimal, the Luminescent is your go-to! Regardless of your choice, these are a must-have. Again, the incredible twist-to-open packaging means that none of this formula is going to spill or mess up any of your other belongings – and the benefit of an air pump dispenser means you are going to utilise every single bit of this product on your trip. These beauties will not only have your skin looking flawless, but they’re going to actively work in boosting your collagen levels, and minimising any fine lines. You’ll be healthy, you’ll be glowing and you’ll catching the eye of everyone you’re around.

Realistically, I’d recommend taking one of everything we have on your trip. But, if I am going to keep it minimal and easy for you loves – this is what you need. You will be glowing in the most organic, natural beauty possible, all while your skin is beaming in health. We always tell you that Zuii products double as skincare to, so this is why you only need such a minimal few on your trip to cover all bases. Try it on your next trip, and let us know how you go!

Zac x

*pictured: Lake Hillier, AU

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