What's the difference between Lux Flawless and Lux Luminescent Foundation?

We are frequently asked what the difference is between the luminescent formula and the flawless formula. The simplest answer is that the flawless formula has a greater coverage, whereas the luminescent provides a medium, more buildable formula. Lux Luminescent Foundation provides a luminous lightweight wear, with the added nourishment of your favourite moisturiser. The Certified Organic Lux Flawless Foundation Samples pairs the ultra-hydrating benefits of a moisturiser with the flawless coverage of our fan favourite liquid foundation. 


Similarities In The Formulas:

  • Certified Organic and Certified Vegan 
  • 95% Certified Organic Ingredients + Aussie Made
  • Will not clog pores
  • Creates a protective barrier over your skin and prevents any harsh environmental factors/ chemicals from penetrating and damaging. This unique formula will additionally protect your skin from Blue Ray light damage,


Want to Try Before You Buy?

Unsure of what shade to try? Or want to find the perfect shade before buying the full size? We actually sell samples of all of our foundations for convenience.

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