Our goal for 2020 is to take the hassle out of your shopping experience. Helping you determine the right products for you, the perfect shades to match, the correct finishes to benefit your skin – and that starts right here with the first blog of our newest series, THE RIGHT ONE FOR YOU. As stated, this series is dedicated to helping you determine the perfect (and right!) products for you… and where better to start the with our Lip Range.

As you know, we formulate six different types of lip products, all of which offer a different finish and different result for you. Some like creamy and dreamy, while others prefer satin and sheer. Below, finds a complete breakdown of the Zuii Organic Lip Range – in an attempt to take the hassle out of your next shopping trip with us!

  1. Certified Organic Flora Lipstick

Our Flora Lipstick range is our original lipstick, the first of its organic kind in our Zuii world. These creamy colours will apply like a dream, coating your lips with so much hydration and nourishment every time you wear – thanks to a one-of-a-kind blend of Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera and more. Even more incredible than this nourishment is the extensive range of shades you have to choose from here! We have more than 20 colours in our Flora Lipsticks, from true reds to pretty pinks and natural nudes – whatever your preference, we have it covered.

For an everyday, hassle free lipstick that treats your lips while providing exceptional organic colours – our Flora Lipstick is for you.

  1. Certified Organic Lux Lipsticks

Just like our Flora Lipsticks, the new and improved Lux Lipsticks provide luxurious colours that are complete with the creamiest application possible. But what makes this range different? All of these colours are 100% Certified Vegan. Boasting an incredibly long-lasting wear while still providing unbeatable hydration and nourishment with every application, the Lux Lipstick range is unlike anything else you’ll find. In addition, these shades are formulated specifically to provide an anti-pollutant protection barrier on your lips. This means that while you’re wearing these gorgeous colours, your lips are being simultaneously protected from environmental toxins and pollutants. Protection and performance combined? Yes please.

If you’ve been searching for a long lasting, certified vegan lippy that nourishes your lips – our Lux Lipsticks are your answer.

  1. Certified Organic Sheerlips Lipstick

The Certified Organic Sheerlips Lipstick is your go-to lippy for adding a gorgeous flush of sheer colour to your pout. These colours are our staple sheer finishes, providing an end result unlike any of our other lip products. Continuing to uphold the unparalleled Zuii Organic staying power, these formulas are also incredibly lightweight and jam-packed with hydration and nourishment. With 18 easy-to-wear colours, you’ll be wanting to apply these sheer shades over and over again – all day long.

If you’re looking for a gorgeous sheer finish lipstick that lasts all day long – our Sheerlips Lipsticks are your go-to.

  1. Certified Organic Satin Lips

Unlike any other lipstick that we have, our Satin Lips are the dedicated liquid lipstick collection here at Zuii. Blended beautifully with Camellia Seed Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Orange Oil to both hydrate and heal, these staple liquid lipsticks are going to glide effortlessly onto the lips with every application. Providing long-lasting colours and unparalleled nourishment, the finish from our Satin Lips will have your pout looking fuller than ever before while still feeling super lightweight on. And a major bonus: these colours can be worn solo or layered over your favourite Flora / Lux Lipstick!

For the person who much prefers a liquid lipstick in their makeup kit, our Satin Lip Colours are your answer.

  1. Certified Organic Flora Lip Tint

For those of you who don’t love a lipstick, but still want a little something on those lips – our Lip Tints are perfect for you! Here to soften, soothe and rejuvenates the lips while bringing gorgeous & glossy colours to your pout, what more could you ask for? Paired with Orange Oil, Rose and Aloe Vera to ensure your lips are hydrated all day long, these formulas work as the perfect lip gloss for your day-to-day schedule. Quick, easy and simple to use – while being compact enough to fit perfectly in your bag – keep your pout healthy and happy starting right here.

For those who don’t love a lipstick but still want a natural flush of colour each day, our Flora Lip tints are for you.

  1. Certified Organic Cheek & Lip Crème

If you’re someone who loves a product that offers more than one use, our Cheek & Lip Cremes were made for you. Offering a creamy formula that blends effortlessly into the lips and the cheeks, this 8-shade range is guaranteed to bring a delicious pop of colour to all of your looks. Derived from a complete fruit & flower formulation, these tubs of organic deliciousness provide intense hydration with incredibly long-lasting wear with every use.

If you’re after a product that you can become both your favourite lipstick and blush in one, then our Cheek & Lip Cremes are for you.


The options are endless in the realm of Zuii Organic lip products, but we guarantee there is one here that’s perfect for you. If you’re still unsure of which is your match, try some samples first – you can find samples of our lip range by clicking here.

If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to send us a message or chat. Team Zuii is always here to help you find your perfect match.

Until next time!

All of our love,
Team Zuii x


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