Did you know that your skin is the biggest organ of your body? It accounts for roughly 15% of our body weight, expands an approximate area of 2 square metres AND covers on average 21 square feet of our body. Being such a large organ, one which is connected to the entirety of your body, it must be known that everything you are putting onto your skin is absorbed right through and into your bloodstream. Which brings us to today’s lesson: you MUST be aware of what you are putting onto your skin.

If you’re reading this right now, and you know that you’re still using a couple of products that are not Certified Organic and are instead filled with synthetics, parabens and chemicals – stop. Stop right now, walk into your bathroom and throw them into the bin. Here’s why:

A majority of synthetic makeup is packed to the brim with Parabens. Parabens, in the simplest form, are a collection of preservatives that are found in almost EVERYTHING – from soaps to lotions to makeup. They use these ingredients as fillers, to help keep formulas together, create consistency, and many more thing! But, how are parabens actually damaging you each time they come in contact with your skin? Well, parabens are known endocrine disruptors, meaning that they are capable of mimicking estrogen in the body and can lead to cause hormonal imbalances and possibly breast cancer. Scary, right?

Moving on, many synthetic formulas also include a nasty type of ingredient called a Formaldehyde – big word, worse effects. A formaldehyde is a known carcinogenic, and is something that is also linked to asthma, neurotoxicity and development toxicity (brain development and functioning). This bad boy goes further hand-in-hand with Diethanolamine, a nasty found in many shampoos and body wash-type products. Diethanolamine is a foaming agent, known to carry both carcinogen and respiratory toxins and has actually been RESTRICTED by the EU for use in personal care products. Respiratory damage from your shampoo? I think it’s time we change this.

I’ve only listed THREE ingredients found in synthetic based products so far, and each of them hold carcinogenic properties, inflict respiratory damage, mimic estrogen creation and may even bring about the development of breast cancer! This is what we are referring to when we say that it is so important to know what you are putting on your skin every day. The solution to avoiding any of this damage is so simple, and that is making the change to a complete Certified Organic makeup, tanning, body care and skincare routine – and if you’re reading this, you’re already at the right place to make that change.

Here at Zuii, we pride ourselves on only putting CERTIFIED ORGANIC products out into the world. Certified Organic though, what does it mean? To garner a Certified Organic standard, a product requires a minimum of 95% Certified Organic ingredients – with the remaining 5% being from a natural origin. This is what EVERY SINGLE ONE of our Zuii Organic products holds, so you can know that when you’re using a Zuii Organic formula, there is only organic goodness coming into contact with your skin.

We use no nasty chemicals, no fillers, no synthetics – only real ingredients that can provide real results. We use Bamboo to ensure the lushest hydration replenishment each time you use on of our Body Care products. We use Rose Flower Oil to ensure moisturising and hydrating properties are being obtained each time you apply one of our face products – not to mention the reducing of scarring and wrinkles. The infusion of Chamomile Flower to provide anti-inflammatory properties, as well as the ability to educe eczema and repair over-exposed skin capillaries. Everything we use holds so so SO many benefits for your skin, that you can be sure nothing you find in a Zuii Organic ingredient list will damage you.

We want to be certain that you are all aware of what you’re putting on your skin, and the first step is to know what’s what. Always read the ingredient list! If you aren’t sure of what something listed is, google in and read up about it – because you never know the damaging effects it may take on your skin. If you’re ready to make the switch to Organic, or expand your Zuii collection, please do send us through a message or chat to us on the website. We are ALWAYS more than happy to help you find your perfect Zuii matches.

Take care of yourselves! Take care of your skin! Take care of your health!

Until next time,

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