THE BRAND NEW: Pink Detoxifying Clay Mask!

Surprise! We’ve just released our incredible new Detoxifying Pink Clay Mask – a one-of-a-kind formula that’s going to have your skin glowing brighter than ever before.

This isn’t something that has just popped up out of the blue, no. This mask is actually something we have been working on behind the scenes for months now – ensuring the most perfect, most beneficial Clay Mask you’ve ever used. Do we dare say you’ll love it even more than our Green Hydrating Clay Mask? Maybe! But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

Before we get into the real benefits of our new beauty, we need you to know that this is one of the nearest and dearest product releases we’ve ever worked towards. This isn’t just a release; this is something that we’re using to help make a difference in the world. How? Well, we’ve partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (of Australia!) to help raise some much-needed funds and awareness through the release of this new Pink Clay Mask. For the sale of EVERY Pink Detoxifying Clay Mask this October, we’re going to be donating a portion of proceeds right back into the NBCF. That means that when you purchase this new beauty to try for yourself, you’re actually helping bring breast cancer to an end! A pamper that is making a real difference, what more could you want?

Our Pink Detoxifying Clay Mask is more than just a pamper product, it’s essentially a vitamin for your skin! This super-ingredient blend is going to nourish your skin back to its optimal health, extracting all of the hidden nasties and pollutants from your pores – all while adding an abundance of hydration and moisture right back into you. In the simplest terms: this Pink Clay Mask is guaranteed to both detoxify and brighten your skin in just minutes!

If you’re someone with sensitive skin, or skin that’s just generally more easily irritable – do not worry. This mask is still going to work wonders for you. Here in our Zuii Organic labs, we ensure that every single one of our product formulas is suitable to even the most sensitive skin types… and this mask is no exception. You won’t experience any irritation, no reaction (unless you’re allergic to an ingredient – so please check the ingredients!) but instead just live through a gorgeous organic pamper. Oh, and did we forget to mention that this formula will tighten your pores while simultaneously helping to reduce inflammation, acne and eczema? Now you know!

As mentioned, we have so many incredible organic super-ingredients in this vegan formula, but let’s delve into just a few of the highlights here! Check them out below:

  • We use French Pink Clay to restore and replenish moisture levels in the skin, while lightly exfoliating the complexion.
  • We use Diatomaceous Earth to gently remove any hidden dirt, dead skin cells and makeup, as well as any pore-clogging environmental toxins.
  • We use Kakadu Plum and Prickly Pear Oil to boost Vitamin C levels and brighten your skin tone / complexion.

Honestly, it’s an out of this world formula that you’re going to fall in love with as soon as you use it just once.

We all know someone who’s been affected by Breast Cancer. It’s the most commonly diagnosed form of cancer in Australia, with over 53 Australians being diagnosed every single day. It’s time to beat it, and together we can do just that – so join us and help us raise funds for this incredible Foundation. Grab some Pink Clay masks, grab your friends and host a girl’s pamper night in! It’s all about banding together, so let’s do this Zuii Family!

Zuii Organic Pink Clay Mask
Zuii Organic Pink Clay Mask 2
Zuii Organic Pink Clay Mask 3

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