We spend a lot of time talking about enhancing natural beauty with colourful products, but seldom do we recognise the first steps of caring for your skin and lips! A moisturising lip balm or organic lipstick is an everyday essential for most - from athletes to beauty gurus - all members of the family can benefit from nourished lips. That's why we are SO excited about the newest addition to the Zuii Organic family, our long-awaited Organic Lip Treatment.

There are some specifics we have added to the final product to make it the perfect addition to your everyday routine:

  • The core purpose of one of our first naturally coloured products is to treat your lips instead of adding a pop of colour.
  • Notice that unlike most lip balms, the treatment has a sharp angled tip which is perfect for easy and elegant application every time.
  • The black packaging is also modest and slim, fitting in any size clutch, bag or back pocket.
  • And once you have fallen in love with the treatment (we know you will!), the little sample size treatment on the lid will also come in handy!

Just like all our other products, the Organic Lip Treatment formula is organic and plant-based and includes Aloe Vera, Rose Oil, Carnuaba Wax, Sunflower Seed Oil and so many more goodies. We'd also like to pinpoint one of the secret ingredients which makes our new Lip Treatment stand out: Shea Butter's older and wiser sister, Cupuaça Butter. Derived from the Amazonian superfruit Cupuaça, this butter is 200% more moisturising than standard ingredients such as Shea Butter (which the Lip Treatment also includes!). The fruit also has a high antioxidant concentration and provides a barrier against harmful UV rays, without leaving a heavy or oily residue on your lips.

Depending on how chapped your lips are, one application should last throughout your busy day, but there's no harm in reapplying to keep your lips extra smooth, nourished and protected. The smooth balm-like formula can soothe even the driest of lips, so keep a look out for some unbelievable before and after shots coming your way.

Being the perfect cross between skincare and makeup, we hope this long-lasting product sounds like your new staple lip balm! However, there are only 500 Lip Treatments from this perfected batch for you lovelies to try. So, we suggest you get in quick if you want to show your lips some love!

With love,
Team Zuii

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