THE AIRLESS PUMP BOTTLE: Your answer to our foundations!

“My foundation bottle is missing the straw so it won’t pump” — a statement we get here in Zuii HQ more than any other. Granted, it’s an understandable thing to say based on the fact that majority of the products we’ve used in our lifetimes have come with a straw to allow for formulas to be dispensed. BUT, that said, to be as forward as possible: our foundations DO NOT have a straw. They are not meant to have a straw, and never since their release have they had a straw. Every single liquid foundation we hold in the Zuii Organic range is filled into an airless pump bottle. Today, we just wanted to jump on and clarify to all of our beautiful Zuii Organic family that our foundations are actually meant to be straw-free. This is a conscious decision that we made when bringing these products to life for many reasons, and today we just wanted to share them so you can understand whole-heartedly how these products work.

  • Our foundations are in Airless Pump Bottles

This is key to remember: our foundations are in an airless pump bottle, which means no straw is needed for the dispensing / pumping of a formula. This type of packaging is super beneficial for allowing you to get the maximum use out of every foundation you use in our Zuii Organic range — never having to waste any tiny bit of product. Essentially, this packaging is like a non-pressurised vacuum system that utilises a mechanical pump. Each time you push down on this pump, the product and formula rises through a suction mechanism meaning that no air is needed at all to get your favourite foundation out. 

  • This packaging allows for an overall better product

That seems vague and a very generalised statement, but let us explain. As the packaging works through a suction system, it means that no chemicals or preservatives are required to keep the formula happy and healthy. This being the case means that the genuine organic goodness of our Zuii Organic formulas are able to deliver EXACTLY how we formulated them. Another major benefit to this mechanism is that these formulas are going to last you a lot longer (have a much long shelf life) as they don’t come into contact with air whatsoever. 

  • How to fix a Liquid Foundation it isn’t dispensing properly

This is a super important point, because we do come into a few questions asking how to get these foundations pumping. If you are having any issues getting the formula out of your liquid luminescent foundation sample, you’ll need to firstly turn the bottle upside down so that you’re looking at the bottom of the product. When you’re looking at the bottom of this bottle, you’ll notice that there is a very tiny (nearly unnoticeable) hole directly across from the centre of the product — you may need to unclog this. If this is clogged, the product will not be able to utilise its vacuum mechanism which means no dispensing for your application. Simply, take a pin/safety pin and push it down this hole and then wriggle it around a tiny bit. Doing this will cause any blockages to be separated immediately, allowing for the dispensing to begin working again!

This may in some cases be covered slightly be the base / colour label on your foundation. If this has happened, just again use a safety pin to pierce through the label and reach into the little hole — unblocking any clogs. From here, your dispensing will again begin to work.

It may seem super straight forward, but we just wanted to clarify this for you to ensure that each time you’re using your favourite Zuii Organic liquid natural powder foundation you don’t come into any issues. 

To check out our full Zuii Organic Foundation range, just click here — and if you need any help picking your perfect shade/product, don’t be afraid to shoot us through a message.

Until next time!


All of our love,
Team Zuii x 

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