Here at Zuii Organic, it’s no secret that we aim to help enhance every individual’s natural beauty! More importantly, we want to help our valued Zuii Family feel confident in every step of their Zuii experience - starting from deciding which products to purchase. Whether you’re just entering into the world of beauty or looking to renew your collection of make-up items, knowing where to start can be so overwhelming!

In hopes to guide you and start you off with the necessities to create a strong green and clean makeup kit, here are some of our suggestions to ensure you tick off those main make-up essentials in your beauty list.

No organic makeup kit is complete without the fundamental tools for makeup application. Just to make your life a little easier, here at Zuii we have an Essential Brush Set that has every type of brush you will need for every area of your face. There is nothing better than reaching for that one brush you know will do the perfect job of applying and blending.

When it comes to the skin, thorough prepping and starting with a clean, smooth canvas is super important for your make-up to be long-lasting and flawless. Our recommended solution? Our Foundation Primer of course! Zuii offers either the Certified Organic Foundation Primer or Certified Organic Flora Colour Corrective Primer, designed for specific skin concerns. Add this into your starting kit to achieve a seamless base for any make-up look you create!

Day-to-day makeup shouldn’t be seen as or used to mask your natural appearance, it purely is a way to enhance your features! Depending on the look you’re going for, you may want to use makeup to simply even out your skin tone or skin texture. This is what Foundation can be useful for. Looking for a suitable Foundation is made easy as Zuii offers several different formulations of Foundation to cater to what you’re searching for – all while delivering a natural-looking finish. Whether it be Liquid or Powder, we’ve got it all. Click here to check out our Foundation Match guide, to be sure you find your perfect match. Or, why not utilize our incredible Colour Matching Service!

Not enough sleep the night before? Or a blemish unexpectedly popped up on your face? (you’re not alone - we’ve all experienced this!) Concealer is here to rescue you! This make-up item works wonders in effortlessly concealing any spots, skin concerns or imperfections. It is definitely a must-have in your make-up kit for this reason alone, but it’s additionally helpful in hiding those dark circles under the eyes and overall brightening up the face for a refreshed look. Who wouldn’t love this?

If you want your Foundation and Concealer to stay put, you need to follow up with a Finishing Powder. Powder has many uses – extra coverage, controls shine and cohesively brings the make-up look together. You can even wear any of our Zuii powders on their own! This item is a no brainer when deciding what to include in your make-up starter kit.

You may be lucky enough to already have full and groomed brows, but for those of you who need shape to fill in gaps and sparse areas, an eyebrow product is a definite must! Adding in our Eyebrow Definer can totally alter your make-up creation as, if you didn’t know, eyebrows frame your entire face! And while you’re touching up your eyes, why not add an incredible Mascara to enhance the lashes, or a beautiful Eyeshadow to add some pop!

Lastly, at least one lip product needs to be added to any make-up kit! Zuii offers an extensive range of lip products - from lip liner, lip tints, satin lip colours, lip cremes and lipsticks! It is the one beauty product that is certain to complete any make-up look (and have to mention, they are all organic – so you will look incredible, while benefiting).  

Follow this little guide and trust us when we say you’ll have the most efficient make-up starter kit with these staple beauty items! And just to reassure you... each Zuii product is Certified Organic, so bring your make-up kit everywhere with you in confidence that you’re wearing real flowers on your face! 


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    I really want to purchase a whole makeup kit and take advantage of the 25 percentage discount tonight but i am unsure what colours to purchase may i ask for help kindest regards Michelle

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