Soap Free - What's The Hype?

You might’ve heard a lot of brands claiming their washes and cleansers are soap free. But what does that mean? Don’t you want your skin to be clean?

It just so happens you don’t need soap to cleanse your skin, and soap can actually do more damage than it does good.

What’s So Bad About Soap?

In order to clean the skin or create a foam, soaps use surfactants, or surface-active agents. These are chemicals that surround dirt and oil and dissolve them so water can wash them away.

While surfactants may be excellent at removing all the nasty stuff that blocks our pores and make us feel dirty, they also remove all the good stuff required for hydrated, healthy skin.

You might notice soap makes your skin feel a little dry. That’s because chemical surfactants strip the skin of our Natural Moisturising Factor (NMF). Made up of water-soluble compounds, our NMF is responsible for maintaining adequate levels of skin hydration. Without it, we decrease our skin’s ability to hold water, resulting in conditions like dry skin, skin sensitivity and dermatitis.

To add to the dryness, chemical surfactants over-hydrate the protein cells that make up the stratum corneum - the outermost layer of your skin. This causes them to swell, so other soap ingredients can more easily penetrate the stratum corneum. There, they can interact with nerve endings and the immune system, leading to itching and irritation.

It’s also believed chemical surfactants damage lipid structures within the stratum corneum, causing fat loss within the skin. Without this fat, our skin starts to age!

Chemical surfactants also have a very high pH - generally around 10 - meaning they cause an imbalance with the skin’s natural pH of 5.5. Exposing your skin to such an alkaline substance can make it vulnerable to irritation and infection, including acne.

How Can I Cleanse Without Soap?

There are so many alternatives available to traditional soap-based body washes and cleansers that are equally as effective. They’re made from chemical surfactant alternatives such as plant-based ingredients that draw dirt, oil and dead skin cells away from the skin.

At Zuii, we’ve created our soap-free Certified Organic Flora Moisturising Body Wash with cleansing ingredients derived from Coconuts. With added ingredients such as Bamboo, Green Tea and Chamomile, the wash hydrates your skin as it cleanses, so your skin stays hydrated and healthy. Better yet, you can use it as a facial cleanser, shampoo and body wash to leave your silky smooth and squeaky clean. Try it today!

And don’t forget, we also have our best-selling Hydrating Body Polish to cleanse your skin of the nasties. Utilising the powerful infusion of Bamboo Stem and Himalayan Salt, this gorgeous scrub is going to effortlessly polish away any dirt or dead skin cells. Once you use this must-have, your skin will be softened and revitalized with these high-quality, natural nutrients. No nasties, no synthetic ingredients AND another soap-free formula - giving you that ultra-hydrated feel with the most cleansed skin, this is what you need moving forward.

As always, if you have any questions about soap or our  Moisturising Body Wash or Hydrating Body Polish, we invite you to get in touch  with us here, via social media, or by clicking the green “We Are Here!” speech bubble on our website.

Until next time, keep well and stay safe!

Love, Team Zuii!

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