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Happy Tuesday! I hope you’re all doing super well and have had the most incredible start to your week so far. It’s a wonderful day here in Australia, just in case you were wondering. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping outside my office window and the weather is starting to lean more towards a constant cycle of sunshine and warm Summer days. I’m not really a Summer person myself (I much prefer snuggling up in bed with a hot chocolate during the Winter time), but even I’ll admit it’s quite lovely right now.

Instead of jumping into a full on product break down or delving into a dedicated skincare routine to help get that glowing Summer look we’re all searching for, today I thought I would sit down and just give you a little insight to my go-to Zuii products. Personally, I love reading into what other people swear by and hearing just why they think a certain product is so important — so I figure why not give you my own version of that (and hopefully show some of you why some of these products are the best *ever*). So, drum roll please - because here are my top 3 Zuii go-to’s.

1. Flora Body Wash

Okay, this may seem very cliché and an overly simple pick coming from a guy — but hear me out before you judge. This body wash is genuinely unlike anything I have ever used before. I started working at Zuii Organic when I was just 21, and since day dot starting with this glorious company I have never used any other body wash… truly, that is just how great it is. If you’ve never used this, you’re probably wondering what makes a body wash such a holy grail product in a persons life? Well, for me personally, it’s the fact that this formula never leaves my skin feeling dry or zapped of life. You know how certain (no names being named here) body washes leave your skin feeling sort of flaky and like all the moisture has been taken from it? This Zuii Organic Body Wash does NOT do that! After I use it, it leaves my skin feeling all scrumptious and happy which is what we all want, right? Not to mention, because it’s super organic & vegan (trust me, I have seen it be made and I can assure you nothing is more organic than this one) it can be used for literally everything in your shower routine. Have I used it as a shampoo? Yes. A face wash? Of course. Shaving gel? Guilty as charged. A bubble bath? I’m not even ashamed to admit that yes I have used this as a bubble bath. Try and tell me something that is more relaxing than an all organic bubble bath — I dare you. Anyway, the point is that this Body Wash is one-of-a-kind and I implore you all to try it at some point in your life, because as soon as you do your world will change.

2. Clay Mask Range

As an adult man, I can truthfully say that there is NOTHING better than a Clay Face Mask. I genuinely cannot even count the amount of times I have used both our Hydrating Clay Mask & Detoxifying Clay Mask since their release. I’m sure some of you think I’m cheating by having two products grouped into one here, but you sort of have to use them in conjunction with one another to get the complete result (so I’m still following the rules thank you very much)! But for me, these two are so special. As soon as you apply them, you can feel these active formulas begin to work their magic — tightening and solidifying onto the skin. When this happens, do not stress. The formula is meant to tighten and harden, that’s the indication that it’s actually doing something for you. I leave these one for about 10 minutes, and while I let it set I pour a glass of wine and toast the day away. Then, I just wash it off using my hands in some warm water and pat dry. From the exact moment I wash it off, I can already feel the difference in my skin, no word of a lie. They are 10/10 and I could not recommend these more to any person I talk to.

Having trouble choosing the right mask for you? Do not worry — both will be wondrous for you. But to help make it super simple:

  • Is your skin feeling dry? Are you having trouble locking hydration & moisture in? Do you want to treat your skin to even more hydration? If you answered yes to any then our Green Hydrating Clay Mask is for you.
  • Do you feel like your skin is a little clogged? Are you having trouble removing the toxins / dirt from your pores? Do you want to brighten your skin? If you answered yes to any then our Pink Detoxifying Clay Mask is for you.

If you have a boyfriend / husband / partner and he is not masking with you, then you tell him I told him that he HAS TO PARTICIPATE RIGHT NOW. He will love it just as much as you do, trust me.

3. Gradual Tan Body Lotion + Tan Face Water
Okay, if you want to call me out for cheating this Top 3 scenario then here is where you’re allowed to… because I am grouping these two together and you can’t stop me. But in my defence, I haven’t gone a day without using these two products together so really for me it is just one situation (please believe me it’s true). Okay but seriously, these two are essentials for me because I am naturally so pale. I was not born with a wonderfully consistent tanned-looking skin. I’m the sort of person that steps into the sun for about ten minutes and walks back inside painfully red and burnt (it’s been a real demise in my past relationships because we could never go to the beach or on a picnic or really just anywhere out in the sun — sorry to my exes!!). But these two have really helped me fool the world into thinking I am constantly holding a gorgeous Summer glow… and what’s better than everyone thinking you have a natural tan? NOTHING. I use the Gradual Tan Lotion maybe every second day, just to keep the glow going strong and stopping it from fading in any regard. BONUS: it also adds in so much hydration to the skin, like a moisturiser!! With the Tan Face Water, again I use it every second day which is the perfect amount for maintain a natural glow and building a nice even complexion. For me, I enjoy this one because the end results is very natural. It’s not like you’ve just gotten back from Bora Bora over night. It’s progressional and a glow that just has everyone around you saying ‘wow you look so good and healthy’. So from me to you, if you’re expecting a more WHAM BAM tan for your face opt for the Gradual Face Lotion.

BUT for any person reading who is in the same boat as me (naturally pale to the next extreme), these two beauties together will be a major blessing for your world! Try it, you’ll love it!

Sticking to the rule of Top 3 (if you’re allowing me to keep that belief that I did stick to three), I could never look past these beauties. They are so wonderful, they feel glorious on my skin, the results speak for themselves and best of all? They leave me feeling confident in my own skin. And for me, that’s what’s most important with skincare — the ability to have you feeling amazing in your own body.

If you’re on the fence about any of these, take my word for it - they are so worth it. Or if you want to chat any more about these OR just have any questions in general about any of our range, shoot me a message on the Zuii Organic instagram (@zuiiorganic), Facebook (@zuiicertifiedorganic) or just jump on our live website chat. Happy to help you all with any queries or just chat about the results you can expect.

I hope this little dive into my go-to’s has been somewhat helpful to one of you! Or you’ve found it the slightest bit interesting at least.

It’s been so nice chatting with you all! Until next time, please stay well and stay safe — I’m sending each of you all of my love.

Chat soon!

Z x


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