SURPRISE! We now have a Hydrating Clay Mask – hooray!

If you’re here and reading this, I’m guessing you’re probably on the hunt for a little bit more information on this new Zuii release, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place!

We are so thrilled to finally be releasing this incredible goodie into your world. We have had this one-of-a-kind organic + vegan formula in our hands for a little while now, and we just wanted to wait until the perfect time to release it… which we feel is right now. We’re either isolating at home, choosing to self-isolate or have just had some restrictions eased a little to let us more freely leave our homes – so understandably we’re all in need of a little pamper / TLC session. So, we are releasing this mask to help you do just that.

Our Hydrating Clay Mask is just as addictive as it is beneficial for your skin! Jam packed with an organic super-ingredient formula that you couldn’t even conjure up in your wildest dreams, this new beauty is going to provide your skin with all kinds of essential goodness! Cleanse your pores, detoxify your skin, say adios to dead skin cells AND enjoy noticeable boost of hydration in your skin, with just ONE application of this 100% Australian-made exfoliating mask. We also can’t forget to mention, with every jar of our Hydrating Clay Mask, you’re going to enjoy up-to at least 15 applications… talk about luxury! Not only will you be coming into the smoothest, brightest skin of your life – but, you’ll be radiating in health.

In our Hydrating Clay Mask, you’ll find:

  • French Green Clay: Super beneficial in removing impurities and tightening your pores! The goodie also helps to tone the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and dirt, all while reducing inflammation and acne – essentially, it reveals a smoother and fresher complexion. It also helps to soften dry skin.
  • Cupuacu Butter: A luxurious butter that is known to be up to 400 times more hydrating than other inclusions in formulas like masks! This ingredient is where all that yummy, skin nourishing hydration is added right back into the skin! Not to mention, Cupuacu Butter is also working to help smooth out the tone and texture of your skin.
  • Jojoba Oil: This magic oil help to ease the effects of eczema and rosacea, keeping your skin relaxed and supper happy.
  • Bentonite Clay: Another natural clay inclusion, that actually absorbs all the unwanted oils and sebum from your skin, and replaces them with calcium, magnesium and iron!
  • Diatomaceous Earth: This one-of-a-kind sand, which is extracted from the Earth, is infused to help promote healthier, brighter and happier skin! This ingredient is a concentrated source of silica, meaning your skin is having its collagen boosted with each application!

It’s a gorgeous, super nourishing formula that you will fall in love with!

Using our new Clay Mask is pretty simple! First, use the FREE APPLICATOR BRUSH you’ll receive with your Mask to apply an even amount to clean, dry skin – brushing over the face and neck. After this, sit back and let the formula sink in and do it’s thing. We’d say leave this beauty on for a MINIMUM of 10 minutes, and no longer than 30 (so maybe have a glass of wine while you wait!). After your wait, or your glass of wine, rinse the mask off with some warm water, and finish it off with a nice pat dry. Do this once or twice a week, and your skin will be thanking you always!

We love our new Organic Hydrating Mask, and we think you will too! Get your order in now, and enjoy a TRUE Australian-made, organic pamper! This is only a limited release, so don't sit on the fence for too long or you might miss out!


Stay safe, stay well and enjoy an incredible pamper night with us!

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