LUMINISING CREME: The essential fan-favourite

Did you know that our award-winning Luminising Crème Samples is your one-stop shop for all parts of your makeup routine? From a liquid highlighter through to a light coverage foundation, this beauty is going to have all of your bases covered (literally!). But before we get into all the fun you can have with this must-have, let’s start with the basics… like what really is the Zuii Organic Flora Luminising Crème?

This Luminising Crème Sample is a Certified Organic, Certified Vegan and Australian-made formula, specialising in adding a subtle, natural glow almost instantly once applied. Infused with Bamboo Juice, Green Tea and Chamomile Extract to name a few, this power plant blend is constantly feeding your skin with intense nourishment and organic goodness – and while doing this, the vegan formula is actually working to eliminate any grease or oil from showing up on your skin! Upon release, this goodie was originally used over the top of your tan to provide an added boost of radiance – helping take that gorgeous glow to an entirely new level. But, as time has gone on and more of you have gotten your hands on this award-winner, we have realised this is quite literally the most versatile product in our Zuii Organic range. Check out how YOU can use the fan favourite below:

  1. Tinted moisturiser / light coverage foundation

In 2019, our Luminising Crème was actually awarded GOLD at the Green Parent Beauty Awards, taking home the win for Best Tinted Moisturiser. Adding a subtle glow under your makeup, this formula is very able to provide an added radiance to your look every day with just a few pumps. OR, if you’re a more natural glower, you can even use this on its own as a light foundation!

  1. Liquid highlighter / bronzer

This formula holds such a gorgeous shine, that you can actually use it as a stand-alone liquid highlighter or bronzer. Just apply the formula to the areas you want defined, and start blending away. We guarantee that you will be very content with the gorgeous glow you get from doing this.

  1. Eyeshadow

Correct – you CAN use the Luminising Crème as an eyeshadow! Again, due to the incredible shine that is found within this formula, once applied to your lids your eyes will be popping and catching everyone’s attention. A tip though: if you do plan on using this as an eyeshadow, remember that it is a liquid formula so it may be a little messier than our Flora Eyeshadow Range! Patience is the key here.

  1. Lip gloss

Talk about the benefits of Certified Organic & Vegan, this product also works wonderfully as a little lip gloss / tint. If you like to add a little shine to your smile, then our Lumi Crème can help you here. Just pop a tiny amount onto your finger, and dab across your lips until you get your desired glow.

  1. Tan Luminiser

Last but not least, just like it was originally intended for, a tan Luminiser. If your tan is looking a little dull, or you just want to increase the natural glow, just rub the Luminising Crème over and you will be good to glow again in no time. Over the legs, your chest, the arms – wherever you need a tan pick me up, our Luminising Crème has you covered.

These are just a few simple ways we have been using our award-winning Luminising Crème, but that doesn’t mean they are the only ways! How have you been using your Lumi? We would love to know!

If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out the fan favourite Luminising Crème for yourself, because we guarantee you will love them as much as the rest of the world!

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