Whether you’re celebrating V-Day or Me Day, our Certified Organic goodies make for the perfect gift. Take your pick from pretty pink hues, bold red eye-catchers or subtle glowy goodness. There’s a product for everyone to obsess over on this day of love. Today, Team Zuii is breaking down their top picks for gift giving this February 14th – check them out below:

  1. Havannah Metallic Eyeshadow Palette (from Zac!)

This one is a no-brainer to me! It’s glittery, it’s sparkly, it’s filled with gorgeous pink hues and the payoff from using it is unparalleled. The Havannah Metallic Eyeshadow Palette has always been a standout to me, and I think it is a perfect gift for Valentine’s day. Combining buttery metallic pigments with incredible staying power, Havannah is guaranteed to spark joy to whoever is lucky enough to end up with it in their world. I am overly confident that anyone would love this gift for Valentine’s Day,

And I get that V-Day is all about Flowers, but our Havannah is formulated with a base of Rose, Jasmine, Chamomile and Sunflowers… so I mean technically you’re still gifting flowers! It’s just a little bit more creatively done, and who doesn’t love an out-of-the-box gift.

  1. Certified Organic Lux Finishing Powder (from Abbi!)

I’m going to take a note from Zac’s book with this gift idea because you’re still gifting flowers to your loved one. Not only is the Finishing Powder formulated with our signature Zuii flower blend, but the packaging is complete with a beautiful Rose Petal finish – something you won’t come across in any other powder product.

Aside from being a beautiful product to have in your routine, it genuinely benefits your skin by using it. It’s going to set your makeup and keep it in place all day long, while simultaneously working to minimise oil/shine levels and disguise fine lines. And I just really want to clarify – this beauty will leave you with a mattified finish! Honestly, it’s a perfect idea for Valentine’s Day… flowers and makeup? You can’t go wrong!

  1. Red Lipstick – colour: your choice (from Isabel!)

Let me start by saying hello! I’m Isabel, I’m new to the Zuii team and haven’t had the pleasure of meeting you all yet – but here I am. So, hello hello hello! It’s so lovely to e-meet you all.

To me, a Valentine’s Day gift is so simple – a Red Lippie! There’s quite literally no better day of the year to gift an eye-catching organic red lipstick then on the day of love, right? The best part of this is that when you’re picking there’s a little more variation because we have so many stunning red’s in our range. If you’re looking for a vegan red, give our Lux Lipstick range a try! If you want the creamiest formula possible, the reds found in our Flora Lipstick range will be a match for you. If you’re looking for a sheer finish red, you can’t go past of Sheerlips Lipstick! Quite truthfully, we’ve got all bases covered for you.

If you do need help picking some shades, here are my go-to’s: Class or Coral Red, Fire, Seduction, Copper and Paris – but there’s so much more than just my picks.


It’s the day of love and we want to make the gift giving as simple as possible this year. Flowers are always a beautiful idea, sure… but flower-infused makeup is the one step further you’re going to want to go this year. Trust us.

Whether you want beautiful pinks or bright reds, our Zuii Organic range has you covered in every regard. If you’re stuck or need help finding the perfect shade, please do send Team Zuii a message – one of us are always available and eager to help you find your perfect match. But until then, we’re sending you all of our love during this beautiful season of love.

Stay well and stay happy!

Until next time,
Team Zuii x

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