Happy Thursday everyone! We hope you’re all having the most wonderful week, filled with only the best things in life. 

Can you believe we’re in November already? Where has the time gone?! 2020 has absolutely flown by and we’re struggling to keep up with it — but, it’s nearly Christmas time… so I think we can make it through. The past few weeks have been incredibly busy for Team Zuii with so many exciting and NEW things on the go. We’re not going to spill the beans yet, but know that we have some very good things coming you way. They might even be coming sooner than you think!

But, that’s not what we’re here to chat about today. We thought it was a good time to jump on and write a little piece on our Concealer Pencil Range. This one’s been a long time coming, because we are constantly inundated with questions regarding the decision to put our certified organic concealer in a pencil form. Because it’s in a pencil, is the formula thick and hard? Is it any different to a normal liquid concealer? Will you ever release a liquid concealer? How do I apply it to get the best results? All of this and more, nearly every single week. So today, we’re here to answer all of these questions. So sit back, get reading and have that concealer ready to go — because after this one, you’ll never stray from the product again.

1. Why did you put your concealer into a pencil form?

This is a good question, and a very fair one to ask. We’re all so used to seeing concealers come in liquid forms where you just pump a little and apply accordingly. But, we wanted to make ours an even easier application — which is why we decided to develop a pencil application. Although yes it is in a pencil, our Certified Organic Concealer is just as creamy and smooth as anything else you’ve tried. It isn’t hard like the pencils we used in school, it’s incredibly soft and once it touches your face you won’t even realise that it’s coming out of a pencil. 

The decision for a pencil was simple…. It made the application easier for everyone. All you need to do is take your best-matched concealer, and then press the pencil over the spots you wish to conceal. Then, blend into the skin and cover with some foundation — and yippee, you’re done. There’s no more to it really, we did it to make it all much easier for you! 

2. Because it’s in a pencil, is the formula thick and hard?

As we mentioned above, no — just because we developed our organic concealer in a pencil form does not mean that the formula is hard. Truthfully, it may be the softest formula you’ll ever try. It is creamy, lush and a dream to apply. We spent years perfecting this one to ensure that being in a pencil form would not deter the creaminess of this formula, and we can confidently say it doesn’t. Regardless of how long you have this one, or how often you’re using it, it’s going to stay as creamy and dreamy as possible — so don’t stress! 

Reconfirming: this formula is NOT thick and hard. It IS creamy, soft and lush.

3. Is it any different to a normal liquid concealer?

Well, like all our Zuii Organic products this formula is 100% Certified Organic — so it’s definitely a lot safer and much more beneficial for the skin than other concealers around. We blend this beauty with organic super-ingredients like Jojoba, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter and more to ensure your skin is hydrated and protected all day long, while still having a product that balances the skin tone and covers any unwanted imperfections. But, being a pencil form does not deter this product from performing any different to that of a liquid concealer. In our opinion, being in a pencil makes it even better!

4. Will you ever release a liquid concealer?

Listen, we’re always open to suggestions and creating products that you all want. So, if the switch to a liquid concealer is something you are wanting please do write in and let us know! Send us a Facebook message, contact us via Instagram, send an email — however it may be, if you’re wanting to switch to a liquid be sure you let us know. Because you never know, if enough of the Zuii Family want it we may just have to release it.

5. How do I apply it to get the best results?

It’s super easy! Just glide our Concealer Pencil directly onto the skin and any specific areas of concern or imperfections that you wish to cover. Once done, gently dab and blend the product into the skin. Once done, go ahead an apply your foundation and continue the routine.

We hope this little Thursday letter helps you understand just why our Concealer Pencil range is even more beneficial than you ever thought! Trust us, once you see the difference you’ll never go back to a liquid again. 

We hope you all have the most incredible rest of your week and a wonderful weekend! 

Sending all our love and well wishes until next time,

Team Zuii x


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