If we’ve noticed anything from talking with our beautiful Zuii Family over the years, it’s that no one really knows just how dangerous a synthetic mascara can be for your eyes. Did you know that many synthetic mascaras utilise Aluminum Powders throughout their formulas as a colourant? They also include substances such as Formaldehyde (a known carcinogenic), Coal Tar Dyes (another known carcinogenic and an ingredient banned completely from cosmetics in Canada), Phthalates (a known damager of lives and lungs, as well as known for interfering with the reproductive system) and the list goes on.

Essentially, what we’re saying is that the mascara you’re currently using may be parting an abundance of negative effects on your body – and that’s something we need to change. The simplest way to ensure we’re taking the best care of our eyes is through using a natural and/or organic mascara every single day. So, to help make this switch as simple as possible, we’re breaking down the key mascaras from the Zuii Organic range for you.

As a basis for every mascara we formulate – they are all Aussie-made, Certified Organic and completely natural. Each one doubles as a lash treatment, helping to promote growth and regeneration in your natural lashes with every application. Every single mascara also holds a slightly sweet floral scent, just to make the application process a little more enjoyable for you. Similarities aside, each specific mascara does provide you a different end result – so let’s jump into them and find out which is best for you.

In the simplest terms, if you’re looking for an incredible boost in lash length then our Maxi Lash Mascara is for you. This plant-based formula is dedicated to increasing your natural lash length with each coat, covering every individual lash with a deep black pigment to create a dramatic effect that will catch all eyes. A major benefit with the Maxi Lash mascara is that it’s a buildable formula, meaning you can layer your lashes to meet your ideal standard. Enriched with Cacao Seed Butter, Nettle Lead, Aloe Vera and more, this formula doubles as a lash treatment, simultaneously regenerating and promoting growth in your natural lashes. Immediate length and a daily lash treatment? It’s a yes from us.

Looking to boost your lash volume and increase the density? If you answered yes, then our Volume Mascara is going to be the pick for you. This Certified Organic formula is dedicated to boosting the immediate volume of your lashes with just a few coats, maximising the boldness of any look. And even better, this formula actually latches to each individual lash to ensure the best final result possible. In addition to being buildable, clump-free and smudge proof, this Volume Mascara simultaneously promotes regeneration and growth in your natural lashes so one day – that’s right, another mascara with a lash treatment embedded throughout. Real, dreamy organic results start right here.

Are you the kind of person who wants to elevate BOTH your lash volume and length with one product? Well look no further because the Vegan Mascara range is calling you! This Certified Organic + Vegan formula is a featherlight application that genuinely boosts both your length and volume in an instant. With a formula that latches to each individual lash, this world-class mascara will leave a gorgeous sleek appearance with no flaking or clumping – and it’s 100% smudge-proof! Perfect for those with even the most sensitive eyes, this mascara is going to provide both results and benefits with every coat.

It’s so important to take care of your eyes (your whole body for the matter!), and one simple way to do just that is through using a natural, organic mascara. It’s time to say goodbye to harmful and damaging chemicals in your mascara, and instead substitute in a world class organic formula that will instead benefit and regenerate your lashes.

If you’re stuck determining the best Zuii Organic mascara for you, feel free to send us a direct message or an email – we’re here to help you and make this switch as easy as possible.

Until next time! All our love,
Team Zuii X


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