Let’s talk about Primer – what is it doing? Why do we need it? How’s it benefiting your skin? There are so many questions surrounding this mystery product and today we wanted to jump on and clear a few of these up. Because trust us, a primer is one of the most beneficial products for your routine – and you can quote us on that. With that being said, let’s dive right in!

  1. It leaves your makeup lasting much longer

Now for those of you who love a good glam look, a Primer is what’s going to ensure the beauty you create can be appreciated for a much longer period of time. A good Primer is going to act as a holder for your makeup, keeping it intact and smudge-proof for as long as possible. And this statement runs true through weather situations too – be that encountering warm weather, an overly heated room or a sauna even – a good Primer is going to keep your face lasting.

And a major bonus – it reduces levels of shine which is a major blessing for those of us with oily skin!

  1. It’s suitable for all skin types

One of the most incredible benefits of a Primer is that any single person (with any skin type!) can use this formula and have the same, long-lasting results. All you need to do is make sure that when picking the right formula for you, you’re taking note of the ingredient inclusions.

Being that our range of Zuii Organic Primers are Certified Organic (and 100% vegan-friendly!) means that you can rest easy knowing only the best of the best is going onto your skin. No fillers, no nasties, no synthetics – just pure, natural goodness. Our formulas are designed specifically to suit even the most sensitive skin – thanks to a botanical blend of the most soothing ingredients available -- which ultimately means you’re going to be basking in a new glow when you’re wearing this beauty in your routine.

  1. It evens out the skin tone

If you took a close look at your skin with a magnifying class, or even if you just got super close to your mirror, you’d undeniably notice some small bumps, fine lines, enlarged pores – all of which are incredibly normal and beautiful! Some of you may even experience rough patches or flakiness, which again is 100% fine!

Then walks in Primer. This unique formula actually works to fill in those creases, blurring them out and in turn minimising pores, fine lines and any bumpy textures on the skin. The end results? Gorgeous, soft & smooth looking skin.

Evened out skin and a perfect base for your makeup to glide onto? Primer’s got you covered.

  1. It undeniably benefits your skin

Like most makeup products, Primer is constantly questioned as to whether it’s actually going to help the skin. The answer to that question: Yes!

As we mentioned, Primer works as a barrier for the skin which means that it has the capability to prevent breakouts and clogged pores from popping up. It also allows your favourite skincare products to continue doing their thing without interruption, even if you are going through the day with a full face of makeup. And we can’t forget to say – Primer is responsible for locking in all that incredible hydration and moisture you might lose throughout the day otherwise. The active formula actually holds hydration into your skin, allowing for a happy and healthy glow to prevail at all times.

Now that you can see just why Primer is such a quintessential product in your routine, let’s step you through how to properly apply this beauty:

  1. Primer works best on clean, moisturised skin. Knowing this, wait a few minutes after completing your skincare routine before moving onto the next step.
  2. Pop a little dot of Primer onto your forehead, cheeks and chin.
  3. Using your fingers, start to blend the primer into your skin until you can feel an incredibly thin layer covering your face.
  4. Give the primer a minute or two to work its magic and absorb into the skin.
  5. Go ahead and start applying your makeup as usual.

Aside from allowing an incredible canvas for your glam to be created on, a Primer is an incredible way of evening out your skin tone and blurring any unwanted imperfections. A must-have product for any organic makeup kit!



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