IONIC SILVER: What is it?

Over the past week, Team Zuii has been inundated with questions surrounding what really is Ionic Silver? So, we thought we would quickly come on and clarify/explain what this solution really is.

In the simplest form, Ionic Silver is a solution consisting of water and silver ions (dissolved silver). However, this solution DOES NOT contain any silver particles. Much research and scientific study has been conducted around the solution of Ionic Silver, with results showing that this solution is the holder of many anti-bacterial properties, and that it is also much more potent than the well-known Colloidal Silver against pathogens and bacteria.

We like to reference the research conducted by Dr. Robert O Becker, who has dedicated much of his career to pinpointing the efficiency of Ionic Silver. For your reference, please see some snippets from the main findings of his research below:

  • Ionic Silver is up to 10,000 times more effective than Colloidal Silver
  • With or without HCI mixture added, Ionic Silver is capable of eradicating all bacteria in just over four minutes
  • Silver particles being in the Ionic form are known to speed up the healing processes
  • Converting silver to silver ions is necessary for efficacy in healing, hence being Ionic Silver

(For a much more in-depth analysis on the benefits of Ionic Silver and Dr. Becker's findings, please CLICK HERE to be redirected.)



Microbial cells (bacteria, fungi, etc) hold an individualistic electrical system, and one that they use for the duration of their life. Silver Ions, however, have the ability to disrupt this system and halt the microbial cells from conducting any further electricity.

Once this disruption takes place, it causes the micro-organisms to become stagnant and unable to function, resulting in them collapsing and subsequently dying.


We have taken this beneficial silver and created our own mist for you to work into your personal hygiene routine. Check out our Zuii Organic Ionic Silver Mist here.

If you have any questions about this formulation, or the way in which this mist works, do not hesitate to reach out. All of team Zuii is happy to help.



Zuii Organic states that no therapeutic claims are being made, and no medical advice/benefit is being offered.

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