Here's to our Brand New Compostable Bags!

Here at Zuii Organic we are always making the conscious effort to reduce our carbon footprint purely because of our love for nature! We truly go above and beyond to make every day organic and so, we’ve completely ditched your standard, single-use plastic bags and introduced new and improved shipping bags that are 100% compostable AND biodegradable!

Our beautifully designed bags are even more durable and amazing – perfect for sealing all your organic goodies in! This is seriously unlike any other packaging because although it looks just like plastic, it is NO way near as damaging to the environment as regular plastic bags.

We have ensured that we source the best of the best for our Zuii family, that is why we’ve chosen shipping bags that are entirely made from 70-80% PBAT (Polybutyrate Adipate Terephthalate) which is material that is completely biodegradable and 20-30% PLA (Polylactide) which is made from cornstarch and other plants. This means that these incredible shipping bags are absolutely home-compostable and can take up to 120 days to decompose.

We are sure you’ll love our personal touch to your beautiful organic deliveries and just know that every time you order from Zuii Organic, you are doing your part in being an earth-saving legend!


We want to see how you re-use your Zuii biodegradable and compostable delivery bags! - whether it’s using it for your general food waste scraps, putting it in your vege-patch or finding new ideas and different ways to use these bags, we would love to see it! Tag us @zuiiorganic and #reuseZuii!

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