INTRODUCING: The Botanical Mist Range!

Surprise! For the past few months, our team have been secretly working behind the scenes on some VERY exciting products that you have all been patiently waiting for. So today, we are THRILLED to introduce you to the first product release within our brand new Zuii Home Range!

Ladies and gentlemen, please meet our delicious new Botanical Mist Range! Four divine aroma-therapeutic scents to bring into your world, lifting your energy, mood and mind with every spritz.

With each beautiful colour holding an incredibly distinct sent (+ holding amazing benefits for you too!), these formulas are all alcohol-free, chemical-free and are completely free of any nasty ingredient you can think of. All of our signature Zuii scents are created with a blend of only the finest essential oils available to us, and our colours are all made through natural methods!

Check out our incredible new beauties below:

  1. Botanical Love Mist

This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Love Mist will brighten your world with every spritz, elevating your hearts energy to its most wonderful state. Say goodbye to a dull, dark surrounding and enjoy the swirls of pastel pink rushing through your space.

Layered with a sweet burst of Neroli (the blossom of an orange tree), and blended beautifully with Patchouli and a hint of Bergamot to add a little spice, this all-natural formula holds an intricate blend of signature essential oils that are known for their ability to promote happiness with every smell.

  1. Botanical Calm Mist

This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Calm Mist is guaranteed to create an atmosphere of tranquillity around you, encouraging a surge of relaxation and peacefulness with each spritz. Prepare to let go of all those stressful emotions and say goodbye to an overactive state of mind, because this Calming Mist is here to have you feeling nothing but relaxed.

With a top note of sweet Jasmin, combined with complimentary bursts of fresh Geranium and Cypress, this sophisticated blend of essential oils is known for its sedative action and ability to promote inner-balance and calmness.

  1. Botanical Bliss Mist

This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Bliss Mist will transport your busy mind to a place of complete bliss. Bring about a world of ultimate serenity, filled with vibrant shades of blue, soft lilacs and pastel yellows to bring balance and inner peace to you.

The tropical citrusy Grapefruit will provide the first impression, and as the scent develops, you will meet notes of soft Vanilla and sweet Cinnamon to transport your senses. This one-of-a-kind essential oil blend has been carefully crafted to ensure an uplifting of your mood, evoking a sense of euphoria and calmness.

  1. Botanical Joy Mist

This aroma-therapeutic Botanical Joy Mist is here to bring a wave of happiness into your world, with a synergised blend that uplifts your mood with every spritz. Revitalise and invigorate your surrounding energy, leaving you in a state of complete happiness at all times.

Opening with a surge of minty Spearmint, combined with a touch of sweet Jasmin and fresh Geranium, this powerful blend is known to uplift and relieve tensions while simultaneously balancing mood and lift emotions to new highs.


These new Botanical Mists are the perfect natural substitute for any synthetic/artificial room spray or air fresheners in your space. Offering up to 1200 spritzes per bottle, your mood will never dim with one of these beauties around you. Find your needed match and change your world!

CLICK HERE to see all of the mists and find your perfect match.

We’re so thrilled to be releasing this range to you and are so excited to brighten your world one day at home.

Get spritzing everyone!

All our love,
Team Zuii x

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