Ingredients- Rose Buds

Makeup that is made out of flowers you say? Yes you heard correctly, you can now wear flowers on your face. Zuii Organics #1 key ingredient is Rose Buds, or Rosa Damascena if you would like to get a little fancy.

Why Roses?

Company Founder Rose Beesey always had a passion for garden. She would  spend hours in her garden culturing her Roses and Vegetables when one day she had the idea of transforming the colour, look and smell of Roses into the beauty industry.

What are the Benefits of Roses?

Rosa Damascena acts as a natural moisture barrier protecting the skin against premature ageing. The American Botanical Council reports that Rose petals have sedative, anti-parasitic & anti-inflammatory properties. It is also very high in Vitamin C.

What products is this ingredient found in?

The base to Zuii Certified Organic Powdered Products (Natural Powder Foundations, Organic Blush and Eyeshadows) is actually made from Rosa Damascena as a healthy alternative to talc or titanium dioxide which typically is the base in most ranges.

For more infomation on Ingredients head to Zuii Organic Ingredients page.

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