Ingredients- Jasmine Buds

Wearing flowers on your face is an exciting new concept from Zuii Organic. It allows us to offer to the world a 95% Certified Organic range that is free of any of those nasty chemicals. 

Why Jasmine?

Company director Rose Beesey had a passionate love for culturing her garden. When it came to Jasmine it was one of her favourites, the smell, the look and the beautiful properties that it has to offer.

What are the benefits of Jasmine?

Jasmine or in fancier terms Jasminum Officinale is a key ingredient to the Zuii Organic range. It encourages the repair of scar tissue while offering soothing properties for your skin.

What products is this ingredient found in?

The base to Zuii Certified Organic Powdered Products ( Natural Powder Foundations, Organic Blush and Metallic Eyeshadow Palette) is actually made from Jasminum Officinale as a healthy alternative to talc or titanium dioxide which typically is the base in most ranges.

For more information on Ingredients head to Zuii Organic Ingredients page.

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