Ingredients - Geranium Flower Oil

Geranium Oil is commonly used in Zuii Organic for its many health benefits. With benefits for your skin and overall health.

Why Geranium Flower Oil?

With Zuii Organic embracing the essence of nature, company founder Rose Beesey explored the way you can take beneficial properties from Geranium Oil and use them within cosmetics.

What are the Benefits of Geranium Flower Oil?

Also known as Pelargonium Graveolens it cleanses, tones and normalises the secretion of sebum. This helps to prevent acne and reduce inflammation.

What products is this ingredient found in?

This beautiful ingredient can be found in the Zuii Certified Organic Primer, Liquid Foundation, Loose Powder Foundation, Ultra Pressed Foundation, Makeup Remover, Lipstick, Sheerlips, Satin Lip Colour & Mascara.

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