The amazing new Lux range at Zuii Organic has been developed using key ingredients that aim to nourish the skin, one such being Pavlova Lutheri Extract. This unique feature of the products is designed to protect your skin from the damaging effects of air pollution. It is extremely high performing, providing a proactive barrier to prevent pollutants from penetrating and damaging your skin

Why do we need to protect our skin from pollution, you may ask? Well, pollutants attack your skin on a daily basis, making your skin more likely to have bad reactions and the toxins build up and block pores. This can lead to a dull looking complexion, blackheads and pimples, premature skin ageing, along with skin dehydration and dryness. 

As well as protecting from pollutants, Pavlova Lutheri Extract has been proven to be anti-inflammatory and assist with the prevention of cardiovascular disorders and cancer. When combined with Zuii’s signature blend of functional actives and botanical extracts, it creates incredible makeup products to nourish, protect and treat your skin.

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