As the phrase goes... “Give a lady the right lipstick and she can conquer the world!”

Achieving the perfect pout can be the essential last touch to pulling a makeup look all together! We’re sure you ladies will agree that you never leave the house without having your holy grail lipstick with you! And if there’s a chance that you haven’t found your perfect lip product yet, Zuii’s range of deliciously Certified Organic and Certified Vegan lipsticks, lip liners, lip tints and lip creams will ensure you never go anywhere with lackluster lips again! We have a lip product for every occasion, every mood and every style.

While finding your choice of lip product and colour is one thing, applying the product is another! It’s really an art knowing how to properly apply lip colour to get the most wear out of it. So, if you find that you’re struggling to keep your lipstick intact throughout the day, or if you’re only just discovering beauty and makeup, keep reading to find out Zuii’s tips to keep your lips looking plump, vibrant and all-around gorgeous!

Let us help you perfect your lips like a pro with these simple ways of lip application, no matter your makeup skill set or what lip product you prefer to use:

Prepping is KEY! To maintain the look of moisturised, soft and supple lips, - because we cannot stress this enough when we say no one likes the look or feel of dehydrated, chapped lips! - we recommend regularly exfoliating to restore the health of your lips. Exfoliating with a gentle lip scrub - even scrubbing the lips with a damp toothbrush can do the trick! - gets rid of any dryness or rough areas. By applying a moisturising lip balm on top, your lips will be primed and prepped for your lip products. 

Apply a base! This step is more so beneficial for highly pigmented lip products such as matte lip sticks. Applying a thin, even base of either concealer or foundation is vital for your lip product to have something to stick to and keep the product from sinking into the fine lines of the lips. This simple step is especially beneficial if you have discolouration on the lips or want to get a more vibrant colour pay-off. It also prolongs the longevity of your lip product. So, for your next glam look, be sure to dab on a little concealer that is a shade close to your lip colour or brush on a tiny bit of foundation on lips to act as a base for your lipstick.

Line and define! Using a lip liner is crucial to perfecting your pout.  Defining, outlining and filling in your lips with a lip pencil will accentuate your shape and even allow you to reshape your lips to what you desire. Not only will you achieve a more precise and polished lip look, this simple step will help the product last for longer on your lips as it prevents your lipstick from bleeding. Start by using a lip liner that matches your lipstick/lip product or one that compliments your skin tone. Carefully trace your natural lip line from one corner to another, and fill in. Adding this step into your lip routine will ensure a smooth and easy all-over application. 

Finalise the lip! Finally, it’s the application of your chosen organic lipstick/lip product! Smooth on the lip product evenly all over the lips, starting from one corner to another to ensure you have superior coverage. Apply coat by coat and  until you achieve your desired intensity. Other than Zuii’s all-natural ingredients infused within our lipsticks, another thing that’s great about these high-quality products is that only one application of lip colour will suffice for an all-day wear! You’ll want to keep this in your purse as a trusty touch up, however we’ve made it easy for you as you’ll only need to apply it once or twice throughout the day. Zuii not only focuses on being completely organic, but we think about what our customers value and convenience is a top priority!

Complete the look! These next two steps are totally optional and are for those who dare to to be a little extra! For an overall matte-look, dusting a little amount of our transparent finishing loose-powder on top of your lips will definitely seal the deal to a smudge-proof, long lasting lip look. In contrast, a little extra step to give your lips a poutier and more glamourous look is to apply a subtle hint of shine over the top. This is ideal for those of you who prefer a glossier lip look. You can use lipgloss, a highlight or even the same moisturising balm you used to prep your lips to give it this ultra-gorgeous shine. This will definitely enhance your colour and make your lips naturally irresistible!

There you have it, Zuii’s ultimate guide to mastering the art of a perfect pout in just 5 simple steps! Your makeup looks will forever be on point and you’ll never be caught with imperfect lips again. Lipstick is so fun as it can truly change up your look however you want! And if you choose to use Zuii’s products, you’ll be providing your lips with naturally derived ingredients and the nourishment it deserves! Now it’s your turn to put these steps into action and show off that beautiful AND organic smile of yours!

Check out our extensive range of stunning lip products here and dare to conquer the world today!


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