Here’s all you need to know about contouring!!

Contour should not at all be intimidating, despite the different techniques you may have seen before. While learning how to contour can be quite complex at first, all you really need to know is your face shape and the correct product to use!

 If there’s one beauty trend that is indefinitely here to stay, it’s contouring! Essentially, when you want to shade certain areas of the face to create an illusion of a more subtle sculpted look, you contour! By using a darker colour than your natural skin tone, this helps in giving more definition to your facial features and receding the areas you don’t want to stand out. When you master your face shape, you will master the art of contouring!

Generally, there are 6 different face shapes and we will break down the basic characteristics and contour techniques used that is most flattering for each one to help you look sculpted by the gods.

  1. Oval Face Shape – Almost perfectly proportioned with the forehead slightly wider than the chin and high cheekbones
    Contour technique – Just remember the basic 3 sweeping motion. Sweep the product starting from the temples to the cheekbones and to the upper jawline. 
  2. Round Face Shape – The width and the length of the face is roughly the same size
    Contour technique – For round faces, contouring drastically changes the way your face is shaped. It is best to contour the temples, the cheekbones, the jawline but avoid contouring the chin. This creates the illusion of more length to the face.
  3. Square Face Shape – The jawline, chin and forehead are all the same width.
    Contour technique – Add contour to the corners of the forehead and jawline as well as lightly under the cheekbones.
  4. Diamond Face Shape – Cheeks are the widest part of the face while the chin and forehead is the narrowest.
    Contour technique – Shade underneath the cheekbones to create a narrower illusion for this area.
  5. Heart Face Shape – Similar to the diamond face shape, however the forehead is broader with a sharp chin.
    Contour technique – The 3 sweeping motion applies to this face shape, with more of an emphasis on the forehead.
  6. Pear Face Shape – A “shorter’ face shape with a narrow forehead and wider jawline and chin.
    Contour technique – Generously shade the cheeks and jawline. This will give the look of a more evened out face shape.

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