Happy Holidays everyone! Can you believe that it’s already the holiday season again? Seriously, where have the last twelve months gone?

Regardless of how quick the silly season has popped up, we all know this is the time for gift giving and spreading the holiday cheer. So today, we’re dropping a quick little line and breaking down the top Christmas Wishlist items you can gift within your circle this season - all Certified Organic, made from real flowers and unlike anything else.

Certified Organic Contour & Highlight Kit
This staple Zuii Organic kit has been around for what seems like years, simply because it is so well loved by all of you. Perfect for helping take your natural glow to the next level with just a few quick and easy steps, this kit has everything you need to perfect the organic glow. Complete with our fan-favourite Glow Highlighter to take your shine to the new heights, our top-selling Contour Bronzer to perfectly define your beautiful features and our award-winning Luminising Crème to add an all over glow base to the face — it’s never been so easy to achieve a flawless luminous complexion every single day!

For those who are a through and through makeup and/or glam lover, this kit is the perfect gift to give!

Certified Organic Skin Perfecting Kit
This new release is the go-to for ensuring happy, healthy and cleansed skin this silly season. This beautiful grouping contains four must-have Zuii Organic products to help combat redness, dark circles, rosacea and full skin… and while continuing to add hydration, nourishment and more with every product application. And we can’t forget to tell you, every single product in this pack is 100% Certified Organic AND they’re all vegan friendly formulas as well — talk about a double-win! Our Skin Perfecting Kit is going to have your face radiating in the healthiest glow you’ve ever seen after just a few applications.

For those who are real skincare enthusiasts, this is the ultimate gift for them!

Certified Organic Eye Essentials Pack
As of late, every glam look is complete with an accentuated eye look that catches all attention - and this Christmas season, we’re making it so easy for you to do just that. Our Eye Essentials Pack is filled with all of your must-have Zuii Organic eye products to create the greenest and cleanest looks on the daily. Complete with our Volume Mascara, Eyebrow Definer in Cocoa and Eyeliner Pencil in Black, this combination is also going to double as a treatment for your lashes, brows and lids on every application. Results and a treatment? Look no further, this is it. Brows? Defined. Eyes? Lined. Lashes? Voluminous.

For those who love a good winged eyeliner and a dramatic lash, this is the essential gift for them.

Certified Organic Loving Lip Set
This set is the PERFECT stocking filler for every person in your life, truly. Our Loving Lip Set is jam-packed with 35 lipstick samples, comprised of an assortment from our Flora Lipstick, Lux Lipstick, Sheer Lipstick and Cheek & Lip Crème ranges — helping you find the perfect lip colour in no time. Gorgeous reds, beautiful pinks, every day nudes and so much more that are all delivering nourishment and hydration to the lips with every wear. With the most creamy applications and long-lasting finishes, these rich colour hues are a must for everyone.

For every person in your life who wears any lip product, this is a must-have stocking filler.


We’re keeping it short and simple for you, because we already know how overwhelming the Holiday season can be. But, we’re taking the hassle out of getting your Christmas presents from Zuii Organic this season. Shop the above Wishlist and we can assure you that your closest circle will not be disappointed in what you’ve gifted them. 

If you do have any questions about the perfect Christmas gifts, foundation matches for friends and family, shipping times or more, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Team Zuii via Instagram or email. We’re always here and ready to help in whatever way we can! But until then,

All of our love,
Team Zuii x 

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