Friday Face Chart - Classic Bombshell

Yeah girl, you made it to another Friday and its time to sizzle up that makeup look for the weekend. Whether you are channeling you inner 1920's or just love a bold look, this one is for you.

The Eyes:

The darker the better for this one, but remember to have light and shade to really make those eyes pop. Using the Zuii Certified Organic Eyeshadow Palette in Bombshell will transform your eyes in just a few quick sweeps of the brush. Line then define the lashes and you are set.

Those Lips:

The Zuii Certified Organic Lipstick in Classic Red is a makeup lovers favourite for a reason. It hold a blue based tone meaning no orange undertones and its sure to last on your lips making them feel soft and nourished.

Get Cheeky:

Don't put done your makeup brushes yet until you have applied the Zuii Organic Flora Blush in Grapefruit on your cheeks. Made from flowers it holds a soft glow that will radiate your skin.

Happy Friday!

Zuii HQ

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