February: Get the Glow!

Want to make that summer glow last all season? Healthy, glowing skin will never be a trend that just comes and goes! Zuii Organic delivers products that will help you achieve a luxurious golden look that will make you glow from the inside out, all year round!
Our Flora Diamond Sparkle Blush, Flora Powder Glow Highlighter and Flora Luminising Crème work to complement each other and is designed to provide you with an incredible radiant luminosity that is just as nourishing for the skin.

Our range of Flora Diamond Sparkle Blushes will definitely add that pop of shine to the cheeks, eyes or even highlight the face, body and anywhere you desire a touch of sparkle!  Certified Organic Rose Petals, Jasmine Buds and Chamomile flowers are infused in the formula which helps enhance the skin and instantly leaves you with that ultimate shimmer you’ve been wanting! Top tip... create versatile looks using either blush, eyeshadow and powder brushes and sweep the product over the desired area to get that seamless shine!

Light up your life with our Flora Powder Glow Highlighter! Applying the Glow Highlighter to the high points of the face will definitely intensify your overall glow. This product will for sure help every single person gleam in confidence, as it is made with the most natural ingredients; Flower Petals, Green Tea, Bamboo and Witch Hazel extract. A trick is to apply this product to the top of the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and tip of the chin to emphasize where the sunlight would naturally hit. No doubt this will be your next go-to highlighter!

To prolong the healthy glow of your summer tan, our Certified Organic Luminising Crème will keep you looking hydrated and sun-kissed, even long after the summer months! The Luminising Crème works best when massaged onto the body. As it’s formulated with Bamboo Juice, Green Tea and Chamomile Extract, it creates a non-greasy crème that doubles as an everyday tinted moisturizer. If you’re after that bronzed, kissed from the sun look, this must-have summer essential is for you

We are sure that these Certified Organic Zuii glow products will work perfectly together to have your skin beaming all throughout this summer month and enhance your natural shine within. Instead of waiting for that golden hour, BE the golden hour!













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