Define Those Arches!

Why Use An Eyebrow Definer?

The Certified Organic Eyebrow Definer is here to help perfect your arches – allowing you to fill, sculpt and define the brow with just one product.

With a unique blend of essential oils, this non-greasy Definer will allow you to emulate fine hair-like strokes to bring a fuller-looking, natural brow to light (it is as easy as colouring in the lines!).

Complete with an angled applicator to ensure the simplest application process, the Eyebrow Definer will accentuate those natural brows with the most precision possible.

  • Certified Organic
  • Working to shape, fill and define your brows
  • Angled applicator for the simplest application possible
  • A brow product & treatment in-one


Choosing Your Shade:

Coco suits people with fair skin and blonde hair

Taupe suits people with brunette hair

Chocolate suits people with dark brown or black hair


Step-by-step Application Process:

Step 1: Apply foundation and base layer of make up. Apply eyebrow definer before eyeshadow. Making sure the eyebrow is brushed as it would naturally sit. 


Step 2: Follow the natural shape of the eyebrow from the inside of the eyebrow to the outside. Outlining the edges then filling in as necessary. 

Step 3: Finish off by shading in the tail of the eyebrow, still following the natural shape. Finish off by highlighting the brow bone with our concealer pencil.

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