Danni's Morning Starts

I use to live in the lifestyle of working and chores Monday to Friday, then relaxation on the weekend. Mornings would consist of waking up (Most likely after hitting the snooze button at least 5 times), racing to get ready and turning up to work with only a few moments to spare. Afternoons were filled with gym, housework and cooking. I would crave the weekend which made me lose passion at the start of the week.  One day my life was turned upside down and so began my journey of personal happiness. Notice the key word- 'Journey', Happiness is not a destination, it is something that we create in our journey through life. For me stress affects my mood like you wouldn't believe, i needed to find something that switched my mind off and allowed me to focus on the moment i was in. So i brought a sketchpad and a pen.

Most mornings i wake up at 5am, pack my backpack with art supplies and find a quiet place at the beach, with my favourite being Burleigh Headland. Playing acoustic tunes and watching the sunrise while drawing is my form of meditation. With all my drawings being symbolic of how i am feeling and the events in my life. Its like writing in a diary, expect the words are coded in my pictures. 

For that one hour before i start my working day at Zuii HQ I find peace. I am more mindful and grateful for each day I have. It gives me just another reason to wake up and watch the world wake with me.

The above is called "Peaks & Valleys" Life is all about peaks and valleys. When you are down you can look up to see how far you can go and when you are up you can look down and know how far you have come. 

Love of Nature & Organics,

Danni Simpson

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