Everyone loves a nice, healthy facial glow and face tanning waters are the new way to achieve this! So, of course the best way to obtain this beautiful look is through using the Zuii Organic Gradual Tan Face Water.

But, for those of you wondering, what actually is a Tan Face Water? Like the rest of our sunless tanning range, this gorgeous product is facial self-tanner. It holds the consistency of a water / gel-like formula, one that works to add a naturally subtle glow to the face with every application. BUT, to sweeten the deal even more, this wonderful product is NON-COMEDOGENIC (yay!!!!!). This means that it isn’t going to clog your pores and it will not bring on any breakouts – it will actually keep your skin completely protected from anything bad happening. It also holds a ridiculously large amount of hydrating and moisturising properties, so your skin will not feel dry or flaky after application – it will genuinely feel better than ever!

How does the Zuii Organic Tan Face Water achieve this though? Well, it’s all thanks to our on-of-a-kind Certified Organic & Certified Vegan formula! We blend SO many natural goodies throughout this gradual tanner to allow for such unparalleled results. We infuse some Bamboo (which is the highest natural from of Silica in the world), with Cucumber, Lichen, Moss, Witch Hazel Extract, Bulbine Leaf Juice, Vanilla Extract and so many more goodies to create this delicious formula (click here for a full ingredient breakdown). This combination doesn’t only sound incredible, but it actually really dos enhance the glow of your tan, all while working to uplift the elasticity of the skin and boost collagen levels! Beautiful colour AND skin benefiting properties? Sign me up!

Another amazing benefit of our Face Tan Water is that it is non-colour specific, which means it is PERFECT for every skin tone and type! This tan water is not formulated with a colour guide, because like the name mentions, it’s just like water – colourless! The natural DHA throughout the formula will work in harmony with your skin once applied, and have you good to glow in no time at all! Being non-colour specific means that those nasty tan patches and unwanted streaks and stripes will NOT be a part of your tan ritual with this one! HOORAY.

It’s super light-weight and so quick-to-dry, that within minutes after application you won’t even notice it’s there! But, in saying that we do recommend waiting an hour or two before applying any other products over the top, just to be sure that this incredible formula does soak into the skin without any interference (we want the best glow possible!). Also, remember to wash your hands with our natural body wash afterward because this still is a tanning product! Apply every two days, re-apply on the daily the choice is yours! The more you apply, the quicker your colour will appear!

Your face is the quickest part of your body to lose its colour, so our Gradual Tan Face Water is the perfect solution! This is such a convenient way to keep up that natural glow, all while keeping your skin as healthy as ever. Perfect for first-time self tanners, and a necessary addition to a cemented tanners routine!

Check out this stunning product by clicking here. And if you don’t believe us, take it from our love Michelle - click here for her review!

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