Abbi's Happy Place

We all need a happy place and mine just happens to be when I am covered in paint! It is so easy to let your mind drift away to that magical place where time stands still, well it stands still until reality hits you or your child starts calling out for dinner. Either way if its just 20 minutes I get to work on something or a solid 8 hours I enjoy every moment engrossed in my thoughts.

Being a realism painter for most of my life I have only just recently started to paint abstract, I have set myself the challenge that beauty does not need to be perfect or exactly as you see it in real life. It has been very difficult I will say that but It has really helped me find an extra special place of serenity that brings me back to making lollies and cakes as a kid, mixing icing is just like mixing paint although I am sure it tastes better. 

Love of Nature & Organics,

Abbi Kerr

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